sunnys off! website up!

i was born in auckland, new zealand and was dragged by love and music to germany when i was 17. in hamburg, i studied art and went into advertising, then moved in 1999 finally to berlin where i still live. i did a whole load of stupid things cooly and some cool things stupidly. i have a fine art diploma, so technically, i am an artist. i am also a designer, an art director, a creative director, a visual artist, or wtf, i still dont know.

after taking a bit of time out to get my shit back on track, i sat down and wrote because i really love to write. i wanted to recollect how i came about some of my favourite projects, but more so, once again, simply embrace the crazy. i hope you like.

please feel free to get in touch about past or future projects. until then, im back off to the beach.